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Be an authentic copycat

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

One sure thing about art is, you cannot replicate another persons art. You can study technique, but at the end of the day, your work will never be exactly the same. It is the one absolute thing that is as unique as we are. So it makes me wonder why there seems to be this draw to compare art to each others. I see it all the time on some of the artist groups I am in. I am positive this is not uncommon.

I used to believe art could be copied. And I genuinely believed if you watched a video and followed it exactly, you were a copycat. Why would anyone want to buy a piece of art from me when they can just buy the supplies, binge watch the same YouTube videos and fill their walls with their own art? Which, can we just take a minute to say THANK YOU to all you amazing artist filming tutorials and creating enough content to flood YouTube during Covid? Seriously, take a bow. Sharing knowledge and techniques for free to the world is beyond gracious. I also want to say thank you to the artist who choose to NOT share knowledge or tutorials and stay consistent in ignoring the people who constantly pester you. GOOD FOR YOU! Yes! Your art is your Intellectual Property (IP). You should absolutely value that. Art is genuinely is not a competition. It took me decades to understand that.

I finally learned that if you are authentically approaching your art, then it is absolutely impossible to be a copycat. It is impossible.

As I have embarked on my journey to approach my art as authentically and mindfully as I possibly can, my own signature developed. Mine. My techniques may be influenced by my teachings, but my art comes from me. The artist.

When I get into my studio, I go through the physical exercise of cleansing my space, perhaps do a little dance, I set my intentions and I allow myself the grace to enjoy every second of the process. Realizing that every layer is going to be built upon. We are not one dimensional people and our life's journey is not one single straight line of first in first out experiences and lessons. It is complex and dynamic as experience after experience is built upon over time.

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