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bliss can be found wedged between the layers

My abstract art is an expression of my personal call to explore and express my vision of time and the timelessness of space, time, matter, and energy.

Each piece of art I create is built up through several layers of artistic flow that build upon the supporting layer. I manipulate different mediums, such as Acrylics, Micah powders, alcohol inks, and resin to create different viscosities to capture what lies beyond the veil of personal perception. 

Every piece in my collection has an immersive depth and color that constantly changes with the lighting and point of view. Through my work, I have begun to understand why the constants of nature appear to be fine-tuned for the emergence of vibrancy in all of life. 

Sometimes you need a mirror to understand and sometimes you need a microscope. Take a look, go deep, evolve, stretch and realize that bliss can be found wedged between the layers. 

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